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Data Scientist: Applied Machine Learning and Advertising Modeling

Plano , Texas



Senior Data Scientist

TheData Scientist will be responsible for designing and implementing large- scale machinelearning and deep learning models intended to support advertising targeting,optimization and attribution decision making and go to market productdevelopment.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Machine learning anddeep learning model development, a mastery of Spark, Scala, Python, R Studio aswell as working knowledge in Tensor Flow, H2O Sparkling Water and DriverlessAI, Databricks or other Jupyter Notebooks environments.

Familiarity withextremely large datasets, data structures and development platforms, includingHive, Hadoop and Pig, and experience working in an AWS environment are allhelpful.

A foundationalunderstanding of advertising and media data sets—television viewership datasets,mobile and desktop browsing, digital ad logs, etc.—as well as a background inthe mechanics of ad-tech targeting and delivery mechanisms will help ensuresuccess.

Graduate level study in statistics,econometrics, data science, computer science or applied sciences are preferred.


A strong understanding of advertisingand media data sets, machine learning and deep learning model development aswell as data product development expertise will help set the stage for disruptiveinnovation in the programmatic advertising space.

Mastery of Spark, Python, R as well asworking knowledge in Tensor Flow, H2O Sparkling Water and Driverless AI, AnacondaEnterprise or other Jupyter Notebooks environments.

Academicbackground in statistics, econometrics, data science, computer science orapplied sciences.

Job ID 1903073 Date posted 01/09/2019
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