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Finance Principal – Technical Product Manager

New York , New York



At Xandr, the fast-growing emerging operating company that was birthed after the AT&T and Time Warner merger, we have a core mission: Make Advertising Matter. We aim to leverage AT&T's huge amount of data and its ownership of premium TV services (DTV, U-Verse, DTVNow) in tandem with premium Time Warner content (HBO, WB, Turner) to give customers advertisements that are more meaningful/targeted and to innovate how customers interact with and see TV ads. We're creating a great platform for groups to buy or sell advertising inventory, all built on a foundation of advanced analytics that help us understand customers at a deep level. Our strategy is to develop a flywheel by adding more groups to our platform, receiving more data/insights, and using that competitive advantage to attract more customers -- and keep repeating.

Our specific team resides within Finance but supports operations throughout the whole organization (~1,500 employees and growing rapidly). We're aiming to add to our team exceptionally talented and passionate technical candidates who are unafraid of being versatile.

Our current openings are focused on a major initiative to transform reporting (aka regular dispersion of semi-consistent data) to be more automated, cloud-based, and interactive. Our current architectural strategy involves building awesome, comprehensive Power BI dashboards that are built on top of fully automated SSIS/SSAS databases that capture all metrics we want to report. We need you to help execute this vision by partnering with clients to build meaningful and insightful visualizations, understand finance (and in the future, other) concepts to stay up-to-date on what data to pull into our database and how to manipulate it, and doing all the other technical tasks associated with building a useful back-end database (ETL work, database design, upkeep of metrics, etc.).

In the future, we'll roll this architecture out to groups beyond Finance, and we'll also tackle other interesting finance-focused projects, like transforming financial forecasting. You'll jump between being a strategic visionary and getting hands-on and executing.


We're looking for some combination of the following:

  • Structured and insightful thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding of financial systems and core finance
  • Strong technical knowledge of:
    • Power BI or other visualization tools, like Tableau or Qlik (we take dashboards to a new level)
    • SSIS, SSAS, and SQL
    • Servers and typical technical architectures
    • Integrated forecasting tools (e.g., IBM Cognos TM1, Adaptive)
    • Python/R
    • DAX
  • Understanding of data science and advanced analytics
  • Strong, effective, concise communication
  • Passion and motivation

AT&T is split into 4 operating companies: Time Warner, AT&T Communications, Xandr, and AT&T International. At Xandr, we operate like a startup, but with the resources of a Fortune 10 company.

Job ID 1904626 Date posted 01/15/2019
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