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Head of Product Commercialization and Strategic Engagements

New York, New York



Head of Marketplace Commercialization, TV Platform

Xandr’s TV Platform Team is making advertising matter by building a premium advanced TV marketplace that meets the industry where it is today and sets it up to succeed in an addressable digital future.

As a leadership member of the TV Platform Team, the Head of Marketplace Commercialization will focus on catalyzing the supply and demand side to build critical mass for the marketplace through the use of a strategic methodical approach. S/he will be a TV Platform subject matter expert and evangelist who, working in close alignment with the TV Platform Product and Operations teams, drives senior level client engagement with agencies and marketers on the buy side and publishers, programmers and platforms on the sell side. S/he will sell the TV Platform vision and find innovative ways to partner, and will ensure that the product team understands and can meet the needs of the marketplace. S/he will translate between the language, economics and currency of the TV marketplace and the language of digital technology and data in order to help the Xandr team navigate between what can be done technically and what should be done to support a healthy and vibrant marketplace..

Responsibilities and Priorities:

  • Converged TV marketplace understanding: Develop and maintain a strategic understanding of the convergent TV and digital video landscape -- linear broadcast and cable TV, addressable TV, OTT, CTV, and digital video.
  • Customer understanding: Be relentlessly focused on the needs of the customers -- there are many. First, the consumers who watch and buy products featured in the ads. Second, the marketers and agencies who buy the ads. Third, the Publishers, Programmers and Platforms who make their advertising inventory available on the TV Platform. Develop and communicate an understanding of each stakeholders’ perspective and what will drive their success on the TV Platform as TV convergence accelerates.
  • Develop North Star: Working closely with the TV Platform and Xandr leadership teams refine , plan and articulate Xandr TV Platform’s 5-year vision, purpose and unique value proposition in supporting its consumers. Work agilely while enabling short-, mid-, long-term visibility into priorities, plans and roadmaps.
  • Marketplace development and prioritization:
    • Help the product team identify the immediate, medium term and long term priorities and focus its efforts on them. Do this through the lens of the customers and what will be most valuable in developing a vibrant ecosystem of buyers and sellers
    • Drive adoption of TV Platform by developing innovative test and learn opportunities that generate better outcomes and prove value in partnerships with appropriate commercial teams. Develop use cases that grow the platform and helps the product be seen as an essential technology for the future of TV.
  • Go to market and storytelling: Identify the unique value proposition of TV Platform for buyers and sellers and translate that into storytelling, business terms and pricing that influence and grow the marketplace.
  • Strategic executive engagement of the TV Platform product with key partners in partnership with Xandr relationship managers
    • Connect vision to execution: Maintain tight alignment with Operations to be sure partner onboarding is executed with excellence and in alignment with partner objectives.
    • Be a trusted subject matter expert and translator between digital and linear TV languages:
      • External Industry engagement: Evangelize for TV Platform and provide air cover for sales teams across O&O properties and partner suppliers that opens new opportunities and leads by representing TV Platform and telling its story at industry events (panels, presentations, PR) and in key sales presentations.
      • Internal engagement: Help O&O and partner sales teams on both the buy and sell side understand the mission, vision, unique value proposition, and capabilities of TV Platform through storytelling and training.
    • Build, lead and coach a team focused on understanding and meeting customer needs: Team will develop, articulate and share TV Platform’s value proposition in partnership with O&O and Buy/Sell side partners and represent/communicatethose customers’ challenges, needs and opportunities with TV Platform Product, Product Marketing and Commercial teams. Teams may be virtual that bring together people for a common purpose or engagement from other parts of the organization, as well as direct reporting line. Direct reporting line team will be grown over time as the business evolves.


    • Develop a vibrant ecosystem of buyers and sellers measured by established KPIs such as number of deals, number of sell- buy-side active users, gross spend through the platform
    • Strong trusted executive level relationships across partners and prospects for TV Product.
    • Definition and execution of case studies that demonstrate value to buyers
    • This role shares 2020 revenue accountability with relevant Commercial teams at Xandr
    • Develop a tactical go-to-market sales strategy that is executed in partnership with appropriate Sales team at Xandr

    Qualifications and Skills needed:

    • 15+ years experience as a strategic advertising sales and marketing leader across a broad cross-section of the advertising industry -- digital media, linear TV, OTT, CTV, Set top box VOD, digital video. Experience implementing programmatic and advertising technology solutions across a publisher or agency organization.
    • Possesses both the analytical and creative ability to make transformative ideas happen by developing the vision and getting it done.
    • Problem solver with the combination of thoughtful optimism, curiosity, stamina, tenacity and patience that is needed to execute with excellence on a transformative long term vision.
    • Passionate about asking questions, listening, drawing people out and synthesizing and articulating information, ideas and needs.
    • Ability to lead across internal and external organizational silos. Collaborates well, develops trust and influence and creates a sense of urgency.
    • Develops new and leverages existing executive level relationships across all stakeholders of the premium video marketplace to drive shared vision and adoption of the TV Platform.
    • Understands the mindsets and past experience of stakeholders and can respectfully develop their knowledge and success as the industry moves to a digital, data-driven future.
    • Experience building, coaching and leading teams who are driven and accountable to execute with excellence, over-deliver revenue and innovation goals and build 7- and 8-figure partnerships.

    Job ID 1940922 Date posted 08/09/2019
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